Fireside comes out of beta with audio and video podcasts app


We wrote about startup Fireside in February when it was first announced, describing it as “a cross between podcasts and Clubhouse“. Co-founded by veteran tech entrepreneur Mark Cuban, it has been in testing with more than 500 creators, and now it has come out of beta.

TechCrunch has a good run-down of what Fireside is about, including some features that weren’t trailed back in February.

“The platform today offers the ability for creators to broadcast either live audio or video content, which can be simulcast to other social networks, streamed live in Fireside, recorded, saved and edited for later distribution to other social platforms or podcast destinations, or viewed on-demand within Fireside itself,” it explains.

Analytics on how people are watching and listening to these shows are also a key part of the platform. It looks like an interesting and flexible tool for anyone doing podcasts and/or livestreams who wants as wide a reach as possible in terms of where they are made available – musicians included…

Written by: Stuart Dredge