TikTok’s plans to launch NFTs reportedly run into trouble


Remember TikTok’s announcement last month that it was launching its first range of ‘TikTok Top Moments’ NFTs, kicking off with a Lil Nas X collaboration on 6 October? How’s that going? Not so well, actually.

That NFT didn’t actually launch, and Lil Nas X’s name has been quietly removed from the TikTok Top Moments homepageRolling Stone has been digging.

“A source close to the situation now tells Rolling Stone the release won’t be coming out at all,” it reported, while claiming that another of the launch partners, TikToker (and now recording artist) Bella Poarch “has been actively contemplating pulling out of the program due to worries about its execution”.

For now, her name remains on the Top Moments site though. TikTok has managed to launch an NFT based on Detroit rapper Curtis Roach’s ‘Bored in the House’ viral video, which with just under a week of its auction to go, has received a top bid of 3 ETH (around $10.5k) at the time of writing.

Written by: Stuart Dredge