Stage11 raises €5m to explore metaverse music (and NFTs)


French startup Stage11 has raised a €5m funding round (around $5.8m) for technology that it hopes is “reimagining music for the metaverse”. It is working with artists including Snoop Dogg, David Guetta, Ne-Yo, Akon, Martin Garrix and Salif Gueye to create branded virtual worlds, promising “immersive gameplay sequences, lifelike performances and cinematic narratives”.

And like a growing number of startups in the metaverse space, Stage11 is also trying to wrap in NFTs – in this case “fans will also be able to discover, acquire and trade interactive NFT collectibles that can be used in creating their own content”.

VC firm Otium Capital led the €5m round, with Stage11’s own CEO Jonathan Belolo – co-owner of Scorpio Music – also chipping in.

We’ll have to wait a little while to see the company’s tech in action however: its first music world will launch in 2022, although a teaser video offers a glimpse at what it’s planning.

Written by: Stuart Dredge