Roblox expects to pay out $500m to its game makers in 2021


Roblox has been holding its annual developers conference this week, and it included some new stats on the ecosystem of individuals and companies building games for the platform. “We have 1.3 million developers and creators earning Robux, and this year, they are on track to earn $500 million from their creations,” announced chief technology officer Daniel Sturman.

There is growth here: in its IPO filing last year, Roblox said that in the 12 months to the end of September 2020, it had more than 960,000 developers earning Robux. So, that has since increased by 35.4%.

In the first nine months of that year, developers earned $209.2m on Roblox, so there has clearly been an acceleration of the money being made (and thus, being spent by Roblox users) there too.

Sturman’s blog post also has some details of upcoming new features on Roblox, including ‘layered clothing’ and ‘dynamic heads’ – both of which will be handy for artists launching experiences on the platform.

Written by: Stuart Dredge