XSET is latest firm to offer streamers ‘DMCA-free’ music


The trickle of companies launching music that game streamers can use in their broadcasts and on-demand videos without fear of copyright strikes is turning into a flood. We’ve written about Slip·Stream and Riot Games releasing ‘streamer-friendly‘ and ‘DMCA-proof‘ albums respectively; and about production music firm Soundstripe’s ‘Twitch Pro’ extension.

Now esports firm XSET has launched a service called StreamJ, which offers a catalogue of music for game streamers and other online video creators to use “without having to worry about DMCA or licensing issues”. It’s a partnership with PRTL, an existing company offering ‘DMCA-free’ music.

“Streamers get to discover, use, and work with new music, artists get their music and brand exposed while building income, and the audience has a better experience,” said XSET’s chief business development officer Clinton Sparks. Interestingly, the main interface for those streamers to find StreamJ’s music is commercial streaming services: for example its Spotify profile here.

Written by: Stuart Dredge