Instagram to add desktop posting and co-authoring feature


Good news for anyone using Instagram for professional purposes: some new features will make it easier to post from your desk, and also to add other people as collaborators. From Thursday this week (21 October) Instagram’s desktop web app will support posting of photos and videos – the latter only up to one minute long though.

Meanwhile, Instagram is also testing a new feature called ‘Collabs’, which will enable people to invite other Instagram users or accounts to co-author posts and Reels. “If the other person accepts, both accounts will appear in the post or the Reels header and content will be shared to both sets of followers,” is how Techcrunch explained it.

There are some new music features coming too, also this Thursday. ‘Superbeat’ and ‘Dynamic Lyrics’ will add special effects and 3D lyrics to Reels videos that include music.

Written by: Stuart Dredge