Amy Winehouse ‘Back to Black’ album gets enhanced on Spotify


We’ve seen a few albums get ‘enhanced’ by Spotify, which usually means turning them into a playlist with video clips interspersed with the music. However, those have usually been brand new albums. Spotify can do the same thing for catalogue albums though, as shown by today’s launch of an ‘enhanced album experience’ for Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Spotify worked with Winehouse’s label and estate to create a bunch of content for the playlist: video clips but also new ‘canvas’ looping videos, ‘storylines’ lyrics analysis snippets, and video of other artists talking about how they’ve been influenced by Winehouse and the album.

We’re interested to see how this develops as a format for catalogue albums, and how over time Spotify might open up these capabilities for labels and artists to create their own enhanced albums on its service.

Photo: Chris Christoforou, Redferns, courtesy of Spotify

Written by: Stuart Dredge