Tok and Roll: Led Zeppelin are latest heritage band on TikTok


TikTok’s appetite for signing up the world’s biggest heritage artists (alternatively: the world’s biggest heritage artists’ appetite for getting on TikTok) shows no signs of abating. Led Zeppelin are the latest example, launching an official profile on the social app while also making clips of their full catalogue available for TikTokers to create with.

Place your bets now on how soon ‘Stairway to Heaven’ will be back in the charts due to a random user miming and/or dancing to the song while – *throws TikTok virality dice* – driving a milk-float down the highway while eating a giant pineapple.

Led Zeppelin’s arrival on the platform follows that of Abba, The Beatles and David Bowie in 2021 alone.

Stuart Dredge

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