Sony Music launches Jam Star music recording app in Japan


Music creation apps are often more than just tools: they build communities of amateur music makers, and could thus become useful new talent pools for labels to dip into. That’s why we expect to see more labels investing in music creation startups, or even launching their own tools.

The latter is exactly what Sony Music Japan has just done, releasing an iOS music-making app called Jam Star. It’s an app for eight-track recording, but it also has built-in community features including the ability to create songs with other users, and access ‘official collaboration’ tracks provided by Sony Music to overlay your own vocals or melodies on.

Sony also says it will be providing lessons for developing artists, and “auditioning” – which suggests it sees Jam Star as a potential way to unearth artists to sign at their earliest stages. The app is only available in Japan for now.

Stuart Dredge

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