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We’re always interested in hearing the views of musicians who’ve been working with AI-generated music. Robin Sloan and Jesse Solomon Clark (working as The Cotton Modules) have just released an album called ‘Shadow Planet’ for which they used OpenAI’s Jukebox.

That’s the system we wrote about in May 2020 when it launched as a neural network that could create original music, rewrite existing songs and ‘complete’ tracks based on clips as short as 12 seconds.

Sloan has been talking to The Verge about the experience, which involved feeding ‘songlets’ created by Clark into Jukebox, then working on the material that came out the other end. “I learned that this kind of AI model is absolutely an instrument you need to learn to play. And I’ve come to believe that analogy is a lot more useful and generative than like, ‘AI co-composer’ or ‘automatic AI artist’ or whatever other analogy you might have heard or can imagine,” he said. “It’s basically a tuba! A very… strange… and powerful… tuba.”

The full interview is well worth a read.

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