Music wearables startup Mictic raises $2.5m funding round


Mictic is the latest startup exploring the idea of wearable devices that can help people to make music. The Swiss startup’s first product is an “audio augmented reality wearable” that looks like a pair of Fitbit bands, and will launch later this month for $119 per unit.

Ahead of that launch, Mictic has raised a seed funding round of $2.5m from investment firm PTK Capital, with artist Moby also chipping in to the round.

The bands connect wirelessly to the owner’s smartphone to help them create music in a range of genres with their physical gestures (“You’ll make REAL music out of thin air without the need of screens or headsets,” as the pitch goes.

However, professional musicians will be able to connect the device to their Ableton setups like a MIDI controller too. “We’re proud of it and we are looking forward to getting a sense of how people are planning to use the product,” CEO Mershad Javan told TechCrunch.

Stuart Dredge

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