Spotify and Peloton step up their playlists partnership


Spotify has been working with fitness-tech firm Peloton for a while, with the latter creating workout classes based on Spotify playlists including ‘Hot Country’, ‘Housewerk’ and (most recently) ‘Disney Hits’. Now the two companies are stepping up that partnership, with a new ‘Curated by Peloton’ shelf within Spotify’s Workout Hub on its service.

It will feature playlists created by Peloton instructors, based on the classes offered on its service. There are also a selection of new Peloton workouts based on Spotify playlists, with ‘Today’s Top Hits’, ‘Indigo’ and ‘Baila Reggaeton’ in the mix, as well as ‘Lofi Beats’ – not as strange as it sounds, since Peloton’s workouts also include yoga.

With fitness becoming a key sector for music (including licensing deals for rightsholders) it’s interesting to see Spotify deepening its involvement in that space, even if it hasn’t gone as far (yet) as Apple with its Apple Fitness+ service.

Stuart Dredge

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