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Spotify is launching a new promotional campaign for its ‘Viva Latino’ playlist, which now has more than 11.3 million followers. The campaign is accompanied by some new figures from the streaming service about Latin music listening on its platform.

Spotify says that in the last month, more than 187 million people globally have listened to at least one Latin track, and overall 20.4bn Latin songs have been streamed on the service. The company also says that those streams have grown 1,680% over the past seven years.

(Which by our calculations suggests around 1.15bn monthly streams back in late 2014. Spotify had launched in Mexico in April 2013, various other Latin American countries in December 2013, and then Brazil in May 2014.)

Spotify also says that more than 50% of its Latin music listeners are under 30 years old; that they discover 46% more music than regular listeners; and that it streamed nearly 11bn hours of Latin music globally in 2020. Mexico is the biggest market, followed by the US and Spain.

These stats are part of the bigger picture of Latin music’s growth. It’s particularly pronounced in the US, where industry body the RIAA recently revealed that Latin music revenues grew by 37% in the first half of 2021, outstripping the overall recorded music market’s growth of 27%. Streaming body DiMA also recently published research claiming that Latin music fans stream “nearly 30% more music than non-Latin listeners” in the US.

There’s also a wider story about Spotify’s growth in Latin America itself, as told through the figures published in its financial results in recent years. In September 2018, Spotify had just over 42 million monthly active users and 17.4 million subscribers in Latin America, with those figures growing to 83.8 million users and 34.4 million subscribers by September 2021.

The proportion of Spotify’s listeners in that region has remained the same: 22% of its users and 20% of its subscribers. But as the figures announced this week are designed to show, the trend that has driven Latin music listening’s growth on Spotify in the past seven years has been its explosion well beyond its home continent.

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