Linktree boosts its shopping features with Shopify deal


Smart-links firm Linktree has announced a deal with ecommerce company Shopify, which will help its users to sell their merch and other products from their links. They’ll need a Shopify storefront, obviously, but if they do they will be able to choose specific products to feature on Linktree: up to six, while using several links if they want to feature different collections and stores.

Linktree is used by musicians including Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys, although it casts its net wider to online influencers and brands too. The company has been deepening its features for musicians though: in August it acquired music links startup Songlink/Odesli, and rolled its technology into the ‘Music Link’ feature that it launched in August.

Its new deal is also the latest agreement for Shopify that touches on our world, with the latter company having piloted TikTok Shopping in August, then integrated with Spotify in October.

Written by: Stuart Dredge