Anthems app takes another crack at social music discovery


Making a business out of ‘social music’ is hard, as lots of startups have learned to their cost down the years. In fact, we wrote a piece about this back in 2018 which included a roll call of some of the apps and sites that music geeks like us loved at the time, but which either didn’t catch on, or if they did find a sizeable audience couldn’t make money out of that.

Still, social music is also a cycle, and every few years another crop of inventive developers and startups give its ideas another spin. Anthems, for example, which is the latest crack at an app for people to connect their Spotify account and share details of the songs they’re listening to and enjoying, for friends and the wider community to follow and talk about.

There’s a familiar early-stage marketing tactic with a waiting list that can be skipped with early-access links from current users (like this one!), and also an ‘auto-generate your dream festival lineup’ (like this one!) to build a bit more buzz on socials. The app is slick, the idea is good, but the challenge remains how to turn it into a business. Let’s see how it does.

Stuart Dredge

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