Console franchise Rainbow Six Siege spawns a lo-fi music album


Call us strange, but we tend to think of lo-fi hip-hop music as something to study or work to, rather than as a soundtrack for conducting high-tech sieges with lots of explosive weaponry. But wait, that’s not the purpose of ‘Postmatch‘, a new lo-fi album released by games publisher Ubisoft as a spin-off from its Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game.

The company says it’s designed as “something that would be more soothing” for players “that would fill the time between their games”. So Ubisoft hired a bunch of artists and producers to create the 20-track album, which uses some snatches of music from the game’s soundtrack.

Also interesting: this is the latest album to be marketed as “created with creators in mind” so that livestreaming players can use the music without fear of copyright takedowns. In that, Ubisoft is following in the footsteps of Riot Games, the company behind League of Legend, which released its own ‘streamer friendly’ lo-fi beats album in July.

Ubisoft’s ‘Postmatch’ is also available on the main streaming services and – inevitably – as a full-album stream video with a coffee-sipping character sat next to a window.

Written by: Stuart Dredge