Believe CEO: ‘The number one music market is going to be Asia’


Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of distributor Believe, isn’t scared of bold predictions. His latest came during his keynote interview at the Midem Digital Edition conference last week.

“One of the things that very few people realise is that in this decade, we’re going to see a revolution, and that revolution is the number one music market in the world is going to be Asia,” he said. “The number two music market in the world is going to be Europe, and the US is going to be only the third largest market in the world. And… the dominating force in those markets will be local artists. If you take most of the territories around the world, local artists represent 70 to 95% of the consumption of music.”

Ladegaillerie also talked about a pandemic-era shift in music marketing strategies. “If you look at in a lot of territories, up to I would say a year and a half ago, the best we could do in terms of marketing campaigns for an artist was 30 to 40 per cent digital,” he said. “We had to fight artists’ management companies and artists to tell them ‘Hey, your audience is digital, you need to spend more on digital!’ A year and a half later, all of our marketing campaigns are 80% to 90% digital, so artists get it.”

Stuart Dredge

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