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Sometimes news stories have the air of a far-fetched anecdote told down the pub.

“So, Twitter Spaces is Twitter’s version of Clubhouse, right, and one of the rooms that is suddenly popular there is called ‘Sing In Your Dialect’. Yeah, accent-embracing karaoke, that’s right mate! Anyway it’s so popular that celebrities are turning up. Last night English football star Declan Rice dropped in and did ‘Ice Ice Baby’. What bantz!”

But, like all good journalists faced with an unlikely story, Music Ally likes to stop, corroborate and listen. So here is a recording of that moment, showing Rice introducing himself before launching into the Vanilla Ice classic. Fun fact: Declan Rice is 22 years old, while ‘Ice Ice Baby’ is 31.

Anyway, this is all fun and frolics, but there’s a serious point which might end up giving Twitter a headache. When we’ve dropped in to the ‘Sing In Your Dialect’ room, it’s had upwards of 35,000 people in it. Acapella karaoke in what’s essentially a stadium-sized virtual space, on a platform already under fire from music rightsholders over licensing?

We suspect some publishing lawyers will be swelling the number of listeners very soon – and NOT just to admire the verbal dexterity of West Ham holding midfielders.

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