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The latest generative AI making music is called Dream Machine, whose system is initially being put through its paces creating “24/7 procedural lo-fi chill beats” for YouTube. “Always streaming. Never repeating,” as the blurb puts it.

As is often the case, there’s a human musician behind this AI project: composer and producer James Peck (known as Memorecks) who worked with Canadian firm Space Agency to create Dream Machine.

Dream Machine is far from the first AI to try its hand at lo-fi hip-hip on YouTube: startup AI Music did it in July 2020, and there are various YouTube videos showing other people’s experiments. However, Dream Machine is one of the first examples of AI music meeting NFTs, thanks to its partnership with a company called Wondr Gaming.

From early 2022 listeners will be able to “mint their own dreams – NFT instances of beats and visuals that only they own, complete with collectable physical NFC/AR cards of the Tier 1 mints that blur the line between URL and IRL”.

Dream Machine, like AI music startups Endel and Aimi, will also be working with (human) artists on collaborations in the coming months.

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