MMF report explores songwriter and producer management


It’s not just artists who need managers in the modern music industry: the role of management for producers and songwriters is under the radar, but still vital. Now UK management body the MMF has published its new ‘Managing Expectations’ report in an edition focusing on these managers, explaining how they work and the challenges that they face.

It includes a good summary of their evolving duties by songwriter and producer Eg White. “Persuading the writer or manager or producer to remain patient and hold steady in the face of adversity; massaging the progress of a song through its acceptance by the artist and their manager, then the record label, then through production difficulties, possible songwriting split disputes, sample clearance, the list is endless; keeping a constant ear to the ground for good new collaborators, be they singers, programmers or other songwriters; trying to get the writer or producer paid…”

Talking of getting paid, the report has some recommendations on that front, encouraging labels and music publishers to sign up to the UK’s ‘Prompt Payment Code’, and backing reform of ‘black box’ distributions.

Written by: Stuart Dredge