Spotify notched up 107.9bn hours of music listening in 2021


Spotify has published a stats roundup for what 2021 looked like for artists on its platform, and one figure jumped out at us straight away. The streaming service highlighted fans “listening to artists’ music for 107,917,574,719 hours this year”. That 107.9bn is something we can work with, while remembering that it covers the ‘Wrapped’ data period from 1 January to 27 November. So, it’s around 9.8bn monthly listening hours.

As a mark of its growth, back in 2015 Spotify was doing 1.7bn monthly listening hours. More maths: at the midpoint of 2021, the service had 365 million monthly active users, so you could guesstimate that individual listeners average just under 296 hours over the period covered by the data – and thus nearly 27 monthly hours each.

Spotify also published a chart of the ‘biggest gainers’ in 2021, referring to artists with at least one million monthly listeners whose audience grew by the highest percentage this year. Masked Wolf – also topping one of TikTok’s main charts for 2021 – headed that list.

Written by: Stuart Dredge