Report claims Instagram now has more than 2bn active users


Instagram may have crossed a significant new milestone: more than two billion monthly active users. However, this isn’t an official announcement from parent company Meta: it’s a report by CNBC citing as its sources Instagram employees who “learned of the 2 billion users number in internal conversations” but aren’t authorised to talk about it publicly.

The last official milestone announcement for Instagram came in June 2018 when it reached one billion monthly active users. It had taken just under eight years to grow to that total, and now less than three and a half years to double it.

Meta doesn’t break out individual stats for Instagram in its financial results. Instead, it gives daily and monthly figures for ‘family active people’ covering its family of apps. There were 3.58 billion family monthly active people in Q3 this year, which suggests that somewhere north of 55% of them are Instagram users.

Written by: Stuart Dredge