Crowdfunding firm Kickstarter has had some controversies in its history, but it’s generally been seen as one of the good eggs in the tech industry. However, it appears to be getting an almighty backlash to its latest announcement: “the development of a decentralized crowdfunding protocol that will make it possible for people to launch and fund creative projects anywhere”. Yes, this is about blockchain technology.

“This openness enables everyone who is interested in the promise of crowdfunding to help build its future and have a say and stake in how it works. Blockchain will also open the potential to be rewarded for contributing to the systems that you use everyday,” explained Kickstarter.

For the backlash, take a look at the replies to the company’s tweet about the news, with fierce criticism on environmental grounds, suspicion about any move towards cryptocurrencies (sample: “why are you insisting on setting your site’s good will on fire and give the middle finger to the majority of your users to satisfy a few dozen Bitcoin tech bros?”) and angry promises by people to take their projects (and backing for projects) elsewhere.

Yes, Twitter anger is always a risky way to gauge the sentiment of a wider community, but it does seem like Kickstarter has some serious bridge-mending work ahead.

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