Four Tet amends Domino lawsuit to include breach of contract


The legal battle between Kieran ‘Four Tet’ Hebden and label Domino continues, with the latest development being that Hebden has been given permission to amend his lawsuit to add claims that Domino is in breach of contract for taking some of his albums off streaming services.

CMU has a good writeup of what’s happened and what it may mean for the case, including the potential that it may transfer to the UK’s High Court, albeit with the suggestion that this may prove too costly for Hebden to pursue.

At its core, this is an argument over whether Hebden should have been paid a 50% share of the royalties generated by streams of his Domino-released albums, instead of the 18% that applied to downloads in his contract.

In another new development last week, Domino told a court hearing that (in CMU’s paraphrasing) it had “offered to pay him what he would be due had the 50% rate been applied on past streams, and also to cover his legal costs”, although there is some doubt expressed over whether this would see the albums in question return to streaming services or not.

Whether the case ends up in the High Court or not, it could be a year before it takes place, although that does (we hope) leave a greater window of time for the two sides to find a constructive resolution. Artists and labels across the industry will be watching closely.

Written by: Stuart Dredge