IMI boss attacks music harm from ‘a thousand TikTok clones’


Indian music industry body IMI recently published its latest report: ‘Vision 2025: The Show Must Continue‘. There aren’t that many surprises for anyone who read journalist Amit Gurbaxani’s report for us from the All About Music conference this autumn, but it’s still a useful primer on trends in the Indian music market.

One sharp point is IMI president and CEO Blaise Fernandes taking aim at the boom in Indian short-video apps following TikTok’s ban there – and their ability to “deny copyright holders royalty payments or pay royalties at their own discretion creating a value gap”.

Some deals have been signed between labels and short-video apps in India, but Fernandes sees this new sector as the latest reason to campaign for reform of India’s laws on tech ‘intermediaries. “While a thousand TikTok clones bloom, a thousand cuts are delivered to the creative talent and the record labels in the Indian recorded music ecosystem,” he wrote.

This is a campaign we’ll be hearing more about in 2022, no doubt.

Written by: Stuart Dredge