Atmosphere deal puts TikTok on big screens in businesses


If only there was a way to watch TikTok videos while eating out, working out or hanging around in doctors’ waiting rooms. What’s that? Your smartphone. Oh yes! But if only there was a way to watch those videos on *bigger* screens in these places, eh? Soon there will be, courtesy of a deal between TikTok and business-focused TV streaming firm Atmosphere.

It has TV screens in more than 18,000 restaurants, bars, gyms and doctor surgeries across the world, curating video for them which now includes a dedicated channel of TikTok videos chosen by its editors. And as much as we might snark about TikTok users preferring to continue watching personalised feeds on their phones, this deal could demystify TikTok for people who don’t already have the app.

Atmosphere is an interesting company too: it has also just announced an $80m funding round plus a $20m debt facility, and says it is streaming more than 250,000 hours a day and reaching more than 20 million viewers a month with what it calls its “audio-less viewing experience”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge