Spotify’s new podcast ads feature is ‘call-to-action cards’


Spotify is very keen to make a lot more money from advertising, and it sees a lot of that lot-more money coming from podcasts. Witness its latest announcement: ‘call-to-action cards’.

Unveiled yesterday, it’s an attempt to make it easier for people to act on the ads they’ve heard while listening to podcasts.

“CTA cards will appear in the app as soon as a podcast ad begins playing, and will resurface later on while you’re exploring the Spotify app—making it easier to check out the brand, product, or service you heard about while listening,” explained Spotify.

“CTA cards will make it easier for you to directly discover the products and services you’re interested in without having a hard-to-remember promo code or vanity URL.”

The pitch here is “making podcast ads interactive for the first time”, complete with the claim that these new ads generate “twice as many site visits” for advertisers. For now, the new cards are only being used in Spotify’s own podcasts in the US.

Written by: Stuart Dredge