moonwalker fm

Fed up with cartoon monkeys competing to be the kings of the music-NFT swingers? Maybe it’s time we let cartoon bears have a go.

MoonwalkerFM is the latest startup pairing music (and music royalties) with NFTs, with the help of a collection of colourful characters who look like the result of an unholy pop-culture interbreeding experiment involving Ewoks and Care Bears.

The business model: “Every NFT minted gets paired with a full-length Lo-Fi song from streaming platforms, as the seasons roll out,” explains the company. “The NFT holders of these songs can take home up to 45% of the value of streaming profits in the form of rewards.”

The first ‘season’ of drops happened before Christmas (titled ‘season zero’) with more to follow in the first half of this year, with follow-on plans for a ‘Moonwalker Fight Club’ game. Which despite the name, almost certainly won’t be about underground bareknuckled boxing where the fighters wear Fedora hats and tilt forward at 45 degree angles.

But you never know.

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