XRSpace is launching a karaoke music metaverse in China


Much of the excitement around music in the metaverse has focused on live performances by big stars. But what about live singing by everyone else? Yes, karaoke in the metaverse will soon be a thing, and it’s launching in a market that may be ideally suited to it.

Tech firm XRSpace has revealed PartyOn, a ‘music performance metaverse’ that will be launching first in China. The idea: people strap on a virtual or augmented reality headset, then sing along to a catalogue of more than 17k licensed music videos “including popular songs from Mandarin singers as well as TikTok hits”.

XRSpace is the startup founded in 2020 by Peter Chou, previously the CEO of tech firm HTC. His new venture has its own VR headset, but PartyOn will be available on devices from Pico and Rokid too.

Written by: Stuart Dredge