Report claims Twitch has surpassed $1bn in mobile spending


How much money is Twitch making? Amazon doesn’t yet split that out in its financial results. However, research firm App Annie has published a figure relating to the amount of money people have spent within Twitch’s mobile apps.

So, this doesn’t include ads: it’s money spent on channel subscriptions and Twitch’s tipping economy. It’s a big figure too: more than $1bn of consumer spending in Twitch so far. App Annie also noted that it was the ninth top non-gaming app in the world by annual consumer spend in 2021.

The company says this is part of a wider trend of growth in the amount people spend within livestreaming video apps. “Global consumer spend in the top 25 live streaming apps grew 57% year over year in 2021 driven by increased usage. Global time spent grew 40% during the same time period,” it claimed.

Written by: Stuart Dredge