B2B music firm Bopper turns to the crowd for latest funding


Bopper is one of the startups trying to shake up the way music is licensed for ads and branded content. Now the company is raising $2m of funding to continue growing, including turning to equity crowdfunding for $250k of it.

The company is using the FrontFundr platform for this, with the aim of attracting artists, labels and music fans in Canada (where that platform is based) to chip in alongside the institutional investors who’ll account for the other $1.75m of the round.

“We want to expand this opportunity to anyone who aligns with our company values, to reach all the people who want to make the independent music scene thrive,” said CEO Gabriel Bouchard.

The crowdfunding listing offers a few stats on Bopper’s business too, including its average commission of 50%; an increase in sales from $150k in 2020 to $1m in 2021; and the fact that “the average license price on Bopper is $4,000 and our biggest license to date was for $200,000”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge