Calm buys a healthcare startup and launches Calm Health


Alongside Headspace, Calm was one of the pioneers of digital mindfulness: meditation, sleep music and related services. It has also been increasingly active in music, working with artists and labels. Now Calm has announced its first acquisition: a healthcare startup called Ripple Health Group.

“Ripple will accelerate our mission to make the world happier and healthier. They’re experts at building for healthcare, a space that is essential to Calm’s mission,” tweeted co-CEO Alex Tew as he announced the deal.

Well, he’s about to stop being co-CEO, as part of that deal involves Tew stepping into a role as executive chairman, with Ripple’s CEO David Ko becoming Calm co-CEO alongside Tew’s co-founder Michael Acton-Smith.

And one more announcement: the launch of Calm Health, a replacement for Calm’s existing service for businesses. It will “span content, community, and coaching” for companies who want to provide mental health services to their staff.

Written by: Stuart Dredge