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Independent artist Vérité is teaming up with NFTs startup Royal for a drop that includes a 39% share of streaming royalties for one of her tracks. ‘He’s Not You’ is described as “a pop song that encourages you to indulge in the moment”, with the royalties share parcelled out into 505 tokens to be sold on Royal from this Thursday (10 February).

As with artist Nas’s recent Royal drop, there are several tiers of NFTs being sold. The ‘gold’ NFT costs $145, and provides a 0.052% share of the track’s royalties, with 450 available. There are then 50 ‘platinum’ tokens with a 0.2262% share of the track’s royalties, and five ‘diamond’ versions with a 0.858% share. Discord access, signed cassettes and (for the diamond buyers) a video call with Vérité are among the perks.

Vérité isn’t new to NFTs: in September 2021 she wrote a guest column for Music Ally about her experiment selling 2.3% of the master recording revenue for a previous track as an NFT. “Many people are focused on the mass-market adoption of NFTs and how and when it will be catapulted into the mainstream, but I think this focus is misguided and ignores the mission to create equitable, decentralized ecosystems of like-minded individuals,” she wrote then.

A view that chimes with what Royal is trying to do.

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