MatchTune launches TuneBlades app for ‘instant music editing’


Music/tech startup MatchTune has launched a new product: an app called TuneBlades which aims to provide “instant music editing”. That means technology to “resize, remix and adjust” tracks according to needs: from cutting them down for sync usage in advertisements, to continuously remixing for indefinite livestreams. The AI-powered tool can be tried for free, with a $9.95-a-month subscription unlocking all its features.

The technology sounds interesting. “MatchTune AI processes the targeted music track and extracts millions of data points that define and characterise the track,” explains the company. “Once this data has been extracted, thousands of re-editing patterns are generated based on the desired final duration and the best-scored patterns are selected. Finally, the original track is then instantly reassembled following optimum composition.”

With artists and labels trying to serve an ever-growing set of content types and commercial opportunities – from TikTok edits to new forms of sync – if it works as promised, it could well find a market.

Written by: Stuart Dredge