Streaming service Audiomack now has its own analytics app


If you’re running a music streaming service in 2020, you need analytics for your artists, in as slick and usable an app as possible. Audiomack is hoping it’s got just that with its new ‘Creator App’ which launched this week.

Like those of rivals, it will offer data on streams, including the ability for artists and their teams to “pinpoint geographical markets where they receive the best streaming engagement, identify tastemakers that are supporting their music, and assess long-term growth”.

It’s part of the wider growth story for Audiomack, which now claims more than 20 million monthly users globally – up from 17 million a year ago. The streaming service is placing a particular focus on Africa, where it says it is now the top-ranked music streaming service on Apple’s App Store in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal and Kenya.

Written by: Stuart Dredge