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According to the press release, Coca-Cola Starlight is “a new space-inspired product that aims to bring space to life through a simple sip”. Hopefully not in the ‘leaves you gasping in a vacuum while your blood boils’ sense.

But enough flippancy: any new Coke drink is a Big Media Event, and music artist Ava Max is one of the beneficiaries of this example. People who buy the new drink can scan its can to unlock an augmented reality concert – well, a three-song performance – by the Atlantic-signed artist.

Keen readers may have already noticed that this is not Ava Max’s first use of technology to reach fans. In 2020 she was one of the first artists to work with gaming platform Roblox, holding an album launch party that was attended by nearly 1.2 million fans.

Watching artists perform in augmented reality when a product or code is scanned is an idea that’s been around since the early days of consumer AR – we have stories on it going back to 2009 in our archives – but even so the Coca-Cola launch is an opportunity neatly seized by Ava Max and her team to get in front of a few more potential fans.

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