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Facebook’s parent company Meta has been showing off some of the work going on in its research labs around AI and metaverse technologies. One of the demos is for something called ‘Builder Bot’, which Meta described as “an exploratory concept that shows AI’s potential for assisting and creating new worlds in the Metaverse”.

How? CEO Mark Zuckerberg got legless (in an avatar sense) to show people yesterday.

In a nutshell, Builder Bot is about turning voice commands into objects in a virtual environment: “Let’s add some altocumulus clouds… Let’s add an island over there… how about we add some trees out here by the sand… Let’s get the sound of some waves and seagulls…” with everything popping into sight (or sound) as it is requested.

Does this sound familiar? A penny for the thoughts of startup Anything World, which has been building a business around exactly this kind of ‘voice-created metaverse’ technology, with music one of its key verticals.

While seeing Meta hove into view with its own version can’t be fun, it could also spark interest in what Anything World is doing from other big tech firms with metaverse ambitions.

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