Don’t Mint Twice, It’s Alright: Bob Dylan NFTs are coming


The times, they most certainly are a-changing’ in regards to artists, major labels and NFTs. Bob Dylan and Miles Davis will soon become the latest musicians to be the focus of non-fungible drops. How, you may be wondering, was Bob Dylan persuaded to do NFTs?

Well, the startup responsible, Snowcrash, has co-founders including his son Jesse Dylan and president of the Bob Dylan Music Company Jeff Rosen, which can’t hurt.

The company is racing out of the starting blocks though: it already has partnerships with both Sony Music and Universal Music Group – and unusually for such deals, announced both at the same time, with the majors sharing quotespace in its launch release.

That said, with Dylan having sold his publishing catalogue to Universal in 2020 and his recordings catalogue to Sony in 2022, having both companies on board will be key to doing anything innovative with the NFTs.

In separate news, UMG is also working with Billboard on another music NFTs initative: ‘ChartStars’, which will sell NFTs of artwork based on Billboard chart milestones for Universal artists. The startup partner here is Unblocked, which we wrote about last November when it launched NFTs for Cypress Hill.

Written by: Stuart Dredge