WMG chips in to £11m funding for AI music firm LifeScore


AI music startup LifeScore has raised a funding round of £11m ($14.5m) from investors including Warner Music Group and Octopus Ventures. The latter company led the round, but it’s one of the first times we’ve seen a major label put its money behind an AI music company.

LifeScore emerged in 2019, with co-founders including composer Philip Sheppard and Tom Gruber, the co-founder of Siri – the startup Apple acquired to use for its voice assistant. LifeScore has built a system that takes fragments (or ‘cells’) of music recorded by human musicians, and then assembles them on the fly into adaptive soundtracks.

Its early demo showed the technology working in an app generating music that responded to your walking, but since then it has also worked with Bentley to explore adaptive music in cars. LifeScore says it sees potential for the tech to be applied to livestreaming, gaming, sleep, fitness and sundry metaversey use cases.

WMG’s involvement may also help it work with more artists.

Written by: Stuart Dredge