Kuaishou’s Kwai short-video app has 45m users in Brazil


Chinese short-video app maker Kuaishou had more than 1bn active users across its apps by June last year. That has attracted interest from the music industry, with the company signing licensing deals with Warner Music Group, Believe and Kobalt’s AMRA collecting society in recent months.

Keep that in mind while reading tech site Rest Of World’s piece on Kuaishou’s success in Brazil with a short-video app called Kwai. According to Kuaishou it was the third most-downloaded app in Brazil in 2021, and now has more than 45 million monthly active users there.

The piece digs into some of the reasons for Kwai’s success, including the way it appeals to a different demographic to TikTok (“people who work most of the day in blue-collar jobs: app drivers, bus drivers, food delivery…”) and its work with a variety of influencers and social agencies.

We’ll be interested to see what kind of opportunities Kwai’s popularity in Brazil opens up for music.

Written by: Stuart Dredge