Welcome to the sci-fi future of using thoughts to control your augmented-reality specs. At least, this is the direction of travel for Snapchat maker Snap, which has just acquired a Parisian neurotech startup called NextMind.

The company’s first product, released for developers, was a sensor that could be built into headbands, hats and headsets, using EEG electrodes to detect people’s brain activity, and turn that into actions on whatever device they wished to control.

Snap will now be applying this brain-control interface (BCI) technology to its own products, with The Verge reporting that NextMind will sit within its Snap Lab division – the team that makes Snap’s Spectacles as well as its upcoming camera drone.

With Apple, Meta and other companies all working on their own AR/VR headsets, we suspect that BCI tech will be something we are thinking about (pun not intended) a lot more in the coming years – including potential implications for how people consume music.

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