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At the height of the controversy over Joe Rogan’s podcast and Covid-19 misinformation, Spotify revealed plans to add a ‘content advisory’ warning to any podcast discussing the pandemic.

Now CNBC has reported that these advisory messages are now available in Spotify’s app, directing listeners to the service’s Covid-19 information hub.

Note, there’s some disagreement about the timeline: in a statement, Spotify told CNBC that it launched the advisory on 2 February, and that it’s already appearing on around 1.4m podcast episodes.

The date mismatch may be about how quickly the feature for listeners to see those warnings has rolled out, however.

There’s another new podcast-related feature to report on today too: a test of a vertically-scrolling feed of podcast clips – complete with transcriptions – to help people find new shows to listen to.

TechCrunch reported that the feature is based on technology from Podz, the startup Spotify acquired for €45m last year.

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