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Spotify has made no secret of its ambitions to attract both listeners and ad dollars away from radio. Now we have a new insight into its pitch to brands, courtesy of a comparison between radio and podcasts published on its Spotify for Advertisers site.

Shock news: despite the promise of discussing “the advantages of each” medium, it’s very much focused on the advantages of podcasts.

“Because listeners access podcasts from whenever and wherever they please, podcast ads tend to be more flexible than those that air on the radio. They can also provide advertisers with a better ability to reach niche target audiences,” for example.

Or: “In terrestrial radio, the tuned-in audience is a bit of a mystery… This is why radio ads are sometimes generic and one-dimensional: It’s hard to target a particular audience when you have no idea who you’re reaching.”

A similar comparison published by a radio broadcaster would, of course, reach very different conclusions. But Spotify’s article is a handy summary of how it’s trying to eat into radio’s still-dominant share of audio advertising budgets.

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