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File this under: Nuthin’ But an NFT Thang. Snoop Dogg is a longtime early adopter of new technologies, and now his enthusiasm for the web3 world has led him to drop himself like he’s hot – as fractionalised NFTs.

The veteran hip-hop star will sell 17 one-of-one NFTs, each based on a different body part, with fans able to club together to buy shares in the tokens.

The drop requires fans to pay using a freshly-minted $DoggPound currency, which will be exclusively sold from another new Snoop venture: a chain of ‘Metavizzle BroadusBanks’ in virtual worlds including The Sandbox, Fortnite and The OASIS.

The launch is accompanied by an EP reworking the lyrics of Snoop’s famous tracks with a web3 twist. “I’m the one and only artist N-F-T” from 2002 hit ‘The One and Only’, for example, and ‘You hear the bass from the truck when I’m on the blockchain’ from his 1999 ‘Still D.R.E.’ collaboration with Dr Dre.

“I’m the OG of web3, swapping the thug life for the debug life with my fans at the coding controls,” said Snoop in a statement. “While my mind’s on my money, now your money can own my mind. Or my shoulders, knees, toes…”

The project is a joint venture with incubatory thinkvestment firm Looflirpa Ventures, and is a time-limited drop: pre-sales close at midday today.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: it’s past midday now, so yes, this was Music Ally’s April Fool’s story of 2022. Snoop isn’t selling his shoulders, knees OR toes as NFTs, and he’s thankfully not messing up his lyrics with blockchain jargon. He is, however, still the OG of web3 in our eyes.

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