Peloton shows off new fitness hardware: the Peloton Guide


Fitness-tech firm Peloton’s business was built on exercise bikes and (more recently) treadmills, which came with a certain level of expense. News that it’s launching a cheaper product costing $295 is thus an interesting expansion of its potential customer base.

The device is the Peloton Guide, a ‘streaming media box’ with a built-in camera, which hooks up to people’s TVs. “By studying your movements, the camera informs Peloton’s software of your progress, thereby helping track your workouts and suggesting future Peloton classes for you,” explained Wired’s early-access article on the device, which was first announced last year.

For now it’s focused on strength training, with yoga, pilates and other activities to follow. The $295 box will come with a $24-a-month subscription. It it catches on, it could expand Peloton’s audience – and thus the opportunity for its music rightsholder licensors.

Written by: Stuart Dredge