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Apple continues to fight back against accusations that it gives its own services an advantage over third-party rivals on its App Store.

It has supported a new study acclaiming “The Success of Third-Party Apps on the App Store” from research firm Analysis Group.

Unsurprisingly, it backs Apple’s view that it is a fair steward of the store, including wielding some data on Apple Music’s rivals in the music-streaming space. In fact, music streaming gets a whole section to itself in the report.

“Our quantitative analyses reflect that many streaming services are popular with iPhone users,” concluded the authors.

“Focusing on dedicated streaming services (i.e., not including YouTube), Spotify is by far the most popular music streaming service for iPhone users in the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia and New Zealand, based on listening time.”

There’s more: “In the US, iPhone users spend more than 50% more time on Spotify than on Apple Music…  In the UK, Germany, and Australia and New Zealand, the gap between the largest player (Spotify) and other streaming services is larger. Across these countries, Apple Music’s share out of the top music streaming apps among iPhone users ranges from 19% in Australia and New Zealand to 29% in Germany.”

You can expect the report to play a prominent role in Apple’s ongoing defence of its ecosystem.

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