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The latest episode of our Music Ally Focus podcast is out this morning: an interview with Vickie Nauman, founder of music consultancy CrossBorderWorks.

She worked on the licensing for David Guetta’s recent performance in Roblox, and has plenty of insight into the challenges of licensing music in the metaverse, where models still often rely on artists engaging directly.

“This is great for the young and upcoming artists who control everything: who are self-releasing, they own the master in publishing,” said Nauman. But in other cases…

“There can be 10 writers on every song, and those can be from 10 different publishers, and the master recording can have a shared master or samples in it, and it’s extremely difficult to imagine how an artist who’s in that existing ecosystem can just go and be nimble in the metaverse,” she said.

Listen here (or find links to listen on your platform of choice) for Nauman’s thoughts on how bridges can be built between metaverse companies and the traditional music industry to tackle these challenges.

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