screen showing Deezer lyrics for Dua Lipa's Sweetest Pie in white text on red background

Real-time lyrics are increasingly standard across the major streaming services, but Deezer is hoping to steal a march on its rivals by also offering translated lyrics. It has chosen 10,000 of its most popular English-language tracks and provided translations in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese, accessed through a ‘With Translation’ button.

Wait, though: wouldn’t it be just as useful for English-speaking users to be able to see translations into their language too, given the popularity of music from South Korea, Latin America and Africa? Deezer says that’s coming in the future, along with more tracks supported by the new feature. It works on Deezer’s web, desktop and mobile apps.

While it didn’t name the partner in its announcement, a quick scoot on the service reveals a ‘license and authorization given by LyricFind’ credit on lyrics – and since that company has been a longtime advocate of lyric translations, its involvement would not be a surprise.

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