ByteDance is testing a music creation app called Mawf


We’ve been wondering what ByteDance might do with music creation ever since it acquired AI music startup Jukedeck in 2019. That didn’t have an immediate impact, but now the company is testing a standalone music creation app called Mawf.

Business Insider carried the report, pointing to Mawf’s website describing it as a “synth, creative effect, machine learning model all Mawfed into one”. Available for desktop computers, the software “analyses incoming signals and re renders it using machine learning models of musical instruments”. Said signals including singing, mono synths, MIDI “and yes, your cat”.

It sounds a bit like what startup Vochlea has been doing with AI-powered vocal MIDI controllers. The website’s terms of service confirm that Mawf is a product created by ByteDance.

Written by: Stuart Dredge