Study explores major and indie shares of top Spotify playlists


Consultancy firm Music Tomorrow has published an interesting study of some of Spotify’s top playlists, analysing the respective shares of major and independent labels.

Among the findings: over the last four years, majors accounted for nearly 70% of the tracks added to ‘New Music Friday’ – 30% for UMG and 19% apiece for Sony Music and WMG. However, it notes that April 2022 is currently “a pretty extreme outlier” with 63% of the playlist’s tracks coming from outside the three majors.

Meanwhile, the majors’ share of additions to Spotify’s key hip-hop playlists ‘Rap Caviar’ and ‘Get Turnt’ was even higher over the last four years: 86%, while it was 87% for the ‘Today’s Top Hits’ and ‘Pop Rising’ playlists.

Music Tomorrow’s conclusion: “Even though making and releasing music has become easier than ever, the support of a major label — and its marketing powerhouse — is one of the top determinants (if not prerequisites) for getting access to some of the most valuable streaming ‘real estate’…”

Written by: Stuart Dredge